DEWALT 20V MAX* XR Angle Grinder with Brake Review

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Angle grinders are essential power tools for DIY lovers, professionals, and most handypersons. Angler grinders are incredibly versatile and you should get one for your workshop, repair shop, or home garage. Their versatile properties allow them to accommodate different wheels and accessories.

This presents a wide range of angle grinders to choose from, and if you’re new to them, it might be tricky to pick the ideal one that suits your needs. The good news is that there are many good options in the market, and one of the best is the DEWALT 20V Angle Grinder with Brake.

DEWALT 20V MAX* XR Angle Grinder with Brake Review

DEWALT 20V MAX* XR Angle Grinder with Brake Review Grinder Power Tool

If you’re looking for an angle grinder that will give you a performance boost in your workshop, the DEWALT 20V Angle Grinder is your product. The grinder has a hub of helpful features such as the power-loss reset and brushless motor. In addition, the machine prioritizes your safety thanks to useful safety features. Its small and compact design gives you more control and makes it easy to work on tight corners.

Who Is This Product for?

The DEWALT 20V Angle Grinder is an essential tool for any garage or workshop. This angle grinder will boost your performance in each session, whether in your home garage or service garage. This multi-purpose machine is perfect for cutting rebar, grinding metal and tile, routing out mortar, sharpening, and sanding.

Its versatile nature makes it the best option for professionals looking to improve their work rate. The DEWALT 20V Angle Grinder is the number one pick for many DIY lovers. This is because it is easy to use; however, you’ll have to take some time to study, practice, and perfect your grinding skills.

There are many places and spaces to use the DEWALT 20V Angle Grinder, from auto repair shops to artisan workshops.

What’s Included?

The DEWALT 20V Angle Grinder will improve your work rate, performance, and quality, and it is a grinder worth your time. You can effortlessly purchase it from any hardware or online store, and the package includes a DEWALT 20V Angle Grinder, Side Handle, Hex Key, 4.5-inch type 27 guard, and an inner and outer flange.

Overview of Features

The DEWALT 20V Angle Grinder is a small, compact grinder with a black-yellow color pattern. It has a brushless motor, meaning there is no need to spend time and money changing worn-out brushes. The brushless motor design also extends the motor life. In addition, an E-clutch shuts off the motor whenever there is a high load.

This tool provides optimal performance thanks to its brushless grinders. The DEWALT 20V Angle Grinder can run up to 9,000 RPM, making cutting easier and polishing faster. It is stronger than other similar angle grinders in the market, and it is best to use 8.0 Ah batteries to boost performance.

One of the included safety features is the kickback break, which protects you from pinches or stalls by engaging maximum force to stop the grinding wheel. This reduces kickback, providing more protection as it turns off the grinder. A power-loss reset system is also incorporated, which is another safety feature. The E-switch protection features an ON/OFF switch with a no-volt release function, and if there is a power outage or unexpected shutdown, you have to turn the machine off and back on to restart it.

Another safety feature is that this machine requires two stages to power it on. This prevents accidental activations and makes it safe when you have kids running around in the garage. The safety trigger tool also prevents the grinder from activating if it falls.

As much as its compact design gives you more control over the machine, the small size can be limiting. The machine runs a 4-1/2” wheel perfectly, but it struggles with the bigger wheels.

How to Use It

Using the DEWALT 20V MAX* XR Angle Grinder with Brake is easy. The tool is cordless and the first step before using it is to ensure the battery is fully charged. Next is to ensure your grinding wheel perfectly fits; the recommended type to use is a 4-1/2” wheel.

After that, insert the battery in its correct slot, then power up the machine. An E-switch protection feature will require you to activate it with two presses. The DEWALT 20V Angle Grinder will then power up and you can use it for sanding, grinding, or cutting.

The machine has a user manual to aid you in areas you are unsure about. This manual also includes safety instructions and other helpful information, such as the correct hand-holding posture ideal for specific purposes.


  • Brushless motor requiring no brush change
  • Easy to use
  • Kickback brake safety feature
  • Power loss reset
  • Small and compact, providing more control


  • Hard to operate using bigger grinding wheels


DEWALT 20V MAX* XR Angle Grinder with Brake Review Grinder Power Tool

The ideal alternative to the DEWALT 20V Angle Grinder is the KSEIBI Angle Grinder, which features a powerful motor. This 7” grinder has an 8,000RPM motor that provides more than enough power for basic job requirements. The tool effortlessly cuts metal, masonry, and concrete, making it highly versatile.

It also has a rotational handle that allows you to make quick handle adjustments. Depending on the task, you can easily adjust the handle into three positions. The KSEIBI Angle Grinder works best with a 7″ grinding wheel and 7/8 arbor discs.

Safety features are also available on the KSEIBI Angle grinder, such as the safety guard, which you can use to redirect the emitted sparks. The handle also has a soft grip area making it comfortable to use and giving you more control over the machine.


The DEWALT 20V Angle Grinder is a must-have tool for any garage or workshop. This powerful tool is a hub of useful features designed to improve your work performance. Professional handypersons register better results with the DEWALT 20V Angle Grinder as their number one cutting, sanding, and grinding option. Therefore, if you wish to get a performance boost in any of your projects, the DEWALT 20V Angle Grinder is your product.

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