Best Angle Grinder Blade for Tile Cutting

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Angle grinders are handy power tools essential for business and home projects, ranging from tile cutting to wood cutting. With a superior angle grinder, you’ll have the perfect addition for DIY home projects that need power equipment. For instance, angle grinders are helpful in surface preparation before painting, polishing exteriors, sharpening blades, and cutting pipes.

These projects need sharp cutting blades to run smoothly. The ideal angle grinder blade should be thin enough for precise cutting and strong enough to withstand tough materials. 4.5-inch grinders are great for cutting and shaping tiles made of porcelain and ceramic. They deliver precise, smooth cuts that have little to no chipping.

That said, we are going to be looking at some of the best angle grinder blade for tile cutting options. So, without further ado, keep reading to learn more about five of the most reliable blades available on the market today and what they have on offer in terms of features, functionality, and overall ease of use.

Comparison Chart

Best Angle Grinder Blade for Tile Cutting Grinder Power Tool
Casaverde Super Thin Diamond Saw Blades
Best Angle Grinder Blade for Tile Cutting Grinder Power Tool
Tanzfrosch 4.5 inch Diamond Saw Blade
Best Angle Grinder Blade for Tile Cutting Grinder Power Tool
DEWALT Diamond Blade for Porcelain Tile
Best Angle Grinder Blade for Tile Cutting Grinder Power Tool
Delta Diamond Piranha Premium
Best Angle Grinder Blade for Tile Cutting Grinder Power Tool
PEAKIT Fast Diamond Saw Blade 4.5 Inch

Best Angle Grinder Blade for Tile Cutting Reviews

Casaverde Super Thin Diamond Saw Blades

Best Angle Grinder Blade for Tile Cutting Grinder Power Tool

This Super thin diamond porcelain saw blade is one of the best tools for sawing through porcelain and ceramic tiles. Thanks to the featured two-sided dropped segments and turbo-rim, your cutting task is made faster than you would do it when using traditional diamond blades. 

It has a turbo rim design and is your go-to tool to cut out sinkholes easily. The quick-cutting feature of the blade makes it an excellent investment and gives you good value for your money. Its two-sided drop segment further guarantees core protection as you use the tool.  


Among the standout features of this super thin diamond porcelain saw blade is that you can use it universally to cut both wet and dry porcelain and ceramic tiles. Thanks to the X teeth of the blade, you get a smoother and faster cutting experience. It also boasts a super thin turbo mesh rim diamond blade that facilitates precise, fast, and smooth chip-free cutting.

This angle grinder blade has a thickened center that prevents wobbling and vibrations. The superior-performance diamond matrix offers an enhanced lifetime and makes material removal easier. You can use the diamond blade as a porcelain blade, granite blade, ceramic tile blade, and thin masonry blade. 


  • Universal design makes it ideal for wet and dry cutting
  • Super thin mesh rim
  • High-performance diamond matrix
  • Smooth, precise, and fast chip-free cutting
  • Enhanced removal of material


  • Not suited for porcelain tiles

Tanz Frosch 4.5-inch Diamond Saw Blade 

Best Angle Grinder Blade for Tile Cutting Grinder Power Tool

Tanz Frosch Diamond presents you with this 4.5-inch disc-cutting wheel that promises to deliver a smooth and fast-cutting experience. It has a 4.5-inch disc cutting wheel, a superior performance diamond matrix, and a Tan Frosch outer edge tile cutter blade for enhanced material removal. The high-performance diamond matrix offers you increased durability while easing material removal.

The blade is available in a versatile design making it perfectly suited for various applications. It is a 1.25 mm blade that fits well with many hand-held angle grinders and tile saws. Thanks to its versatility, you can use it with various models and different types of tile cutters and angle grinders for dry and wet cutting.

You are assured of satisfaction investing in this device as customer service agents are ready to resolve any issues in case the product does not match your expectations. The blade is also tailored to fit various applications ranging from porcelain cutting to granite, ceramic tile, sandstone quartz, brick, marble, cement backer board, and slate cutting. It is the perfect addition to your toolbox if you are a general DIY enthusiast or professional tile installer.

The Tan Frosch Diamond Saw Blade also guarantees superior performance with its strong X teeth, offering you smooth and rapid cuts. The thickened center helps avoid wobbling and vibrations.


The Tanz Frosch diamond saw blade is a disc wheel with a 4.5-inch outer diameter and 1.2 mm thickness. It is perfectly suited for many hand-held angle grinders having an arbor of 7/8 inches and tile saws. 

With it, you are guaranteed high performance as this Tanz Frosch tile cutting blade is rigid and has X teeth for an even smoother and faster cutting experience. The thickened centers help prevent wobbling and vibrations, whereas the superior-performance diamond matrix offers enhanced material removal and extended life.

It is also compatible with various models and may be used on various types of tile cutters and angle grinders for dry and wet cutting. The versatility of the blade allows you to use it for more than a single application. The tile cutter is tailored to cut ceramic tile, porcelain, sandstone quartz, granite, slate, marble, brick, and cement backer board. It is your ideal companion if you plan to install tiles or engage in any home DIY project.

In addition, you get to buy the blade with confidence as you are guaranteed help resolving any issue that may arise, leading to the product not meeting your expectations. All you are required to do is get in touch with the customer care representatives. 


  • Ideal size for all tile cutting needs
  • Wide variety of applications
  • Usable with a variety of angle grinder types
  • Superior performance/cutting experience


  • Not the best tool to dry cut

DEWALT Diamond Blade

Best Angle Grinder Blade for Tile Cutting Grinder Power Tool

With the deluxe XP4 cutting matrix packaged with this DeWalt Diamond Blade, you have four times the lifetime you would get with other standard blades. The DeWalt XP4 Porcelain Tile blade provides you with optimum cutting power and extended durability. Its continuous rim ensures a chip-free cutting experience, with the blade cutting up to 20% faster than other standard tile blades in the market. 

Its edge is reinforced with diamond, making it rock-hard. This cutting blade is ideal for making quick, precise cuts through masonry materials and ceramic tiles. Its performance is extended thanks to the diamond matrix that offers enhanced cutting capabilities and guarantees long-lasting durability. The design of the continuous rim guarantees deluxe quality and chip-free cuts. You can use this blade for dry and wet cutting applications, and the suggested optimum speed of 15,200 RPM. 


This DeWalt Diamond Blade is a premium porcelain tile blade that has an enhanced performance diamond matrix to offer you long life and boosted material cutting. Thanks to its continuous rim, you can now cut through all types of tiles without worries about chipping. 

The enhanced performance diamond matrix, on the other hand, grants you an unrivaled material-cutting experience. The design of the XP4 and XP2 blades is tailored to high-power tile saws, delivering free, quick, straight, and low-heat cutting. The last laser cut expansion slots of the XP2 and XP3 blades prevent blade warping that results from heat accumulation. With premium XP2 and XP4 cutting matrix, you will get up to two times the life of a standard blade thanks to the XP2, while the XP4 provides up to four times the lifetime. 

This results in a smooth finish with very little chipping. This blade is ideal for cutting marble, granite, and tiles. The steel core is high quality and made to reduce the vibration experience when cutting, allowing a smoother experience. The blade’s core also prevents wobbles. However, this blade is tailored for cutting wet materials only.


  • 5/8 inch arbor
  • Outstanding cutting performance
  • Extended blade durability lasts for longer
  • No noticeable blade flex while angle cutting


  • Requires constant blade sharpening

Delta Diamond 4.5-Inch Diamond Saw Blade

Best Angle Grinder Blade for Tile Cutting Grinder Power Tool

Many professionals rank this premium 4.5-inch blade highly. It’s perfectly suited for cutting hard materials without chipping. The blade gives you the opportunity to experience a genuine premium blade. 

The blade has a 0.06-thin cutting rim that allows you to combine blade durability and cutting speed and maintain an outstanding finish. Its premium tall diamond rim maximizes the blade’s cutting life. It also helps you cut costs with every cut. The blade is made using superior-quality abrasive GE diamond.


You are guaranteed precision and fast cutting with this Delta Diamond blade. It has a high-speed heat-treated steel core that facilitates faster and straighter blade cutting without wobbling. Its diamond rim is extra tall with an 8.5mm height, and every blade utilizes higher diamond concentration levels than standard blades. This allows the Piranha Tile Blade to cut extra smoothly, with its extra heightened edge lasting longer, thereby reducing per-cut costs. 

The diamond rim is thin, 0.60 inches, and is well-suited to offer the right balance of blade life and cutting speed while offering a perfect, clean cut. 

Since it is a premium tile blade, utilizing high diamond levels in its manufacture, you can use it for professional applications. It offers a smooth finish on ceramic, porcelain, granite, and marble, though you can still use it for other materials. 

To facilitate chip-free cutting, the continuous rim design formulates high-grade diamonds for a smooth and chip-free cutting experience. The expert-grade design quality of the blade makes it perfect for experts who desire reliable cutting in every task while maintaining its great value. 

On the technical specification of the package, it is a pack of three 4.5-inch diameter X 0.06 width X 7/8 inch arbors. Also included is a pre-installed 5/8 inch bushing. The blade fits about all hand-held trim saws or angle grinders. Once the blade starts becoming full, it is recommended that you run it through a paver or dressing stone to reveal new diamonds. 


  • Great for professional cuts
  • Provides smooth finishes that look perfect
  • Made of high-quality diamond
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind


  • The blade begins to chip tiles after some time

PEAKIT Diamond Saw Blade

Best Angle Grinder Blade for Tile Cutting Grinder Power Tool

The PEAKIT Diamond Saw Blade is a super thin tile saw blade – a turbo mesh blade with a blue/silver interchangeable color. It has a 4.5-inch diameter, a segment height of 3/8 inches, and an inner hole of either 5/7 inches or 7/8 inches. 

It delivers professional standard ceramic, porcelain, natural stone tile, and granite cutting, with its X teeth and special mesh rim blade offering smooth and fast cutting. It will fit most angle grinders and tile saws with a 5/8 or 7/8 inch arbor and is tailored for wet and dry cutting tasks with an RPM of 13,200.


This blade is one of the top products that rank well in terms of longevity, durability, and value for money. This pack of angle grinder blades comes with five pieces of 115 mm diameter, 1.2 mm thick quality blades. Using it is extremely easy, with the Peakit saw blade being applicable on various hand-held tile saws and angle grinders for wet and dry cutting. 

It offers you superior performance thanks to the ultra-thin turbo mesh rim that facilitates precise, fast, chip-free, and smooth tile cutting, while the diamond matrix assures you long-lasting performance. 

Another standout feature of this Peakit blade is its wide variety of applications ranging from cement backer board, granite, ceramic tile, and porcelain to marble. It is the perfect diamond blade if you are a general contractor, tile installer, tradesman, or an at-home DIY enthusiast. 

This is one of the few products where the manufacturers offer to refund or replace the blades if they fall short of your expectations or arrive with manufacturer defects. 


  • Fast performance
  • Versatile – can be used for many surfaces
  • Easy to use, even for beginners
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee


  • Blade gets hot and flexes when cutting granite

Final Verdict

Are you considering investing in angle grinders for various business or home applications? Then you also need to ensure you get the right angle grinder blade to go with the unit. The above selection of tools is guaranteed to provide you with optimal performance in cutting and polishing as you grind your tiles.

These affordable mid-range angle grinder blades give you excellent value for money as they are durable and can cut through multiple tiles without compromising the quality of work. Choose one that best complements your particular needs, tastes, and preference from the above compilation of the best angle grinder blades.

If we were pressed to choose our favorite, it would have to be the PEAKIT Diamond Saw Blade. Although the blade gets hot when cutting granite, it offers fast performance that reduces the chance of tile chipping. It’s easy to use, even if you’re a beginner, and it can be used for various surfaces thanks to its versatility.

However, a close second is the DEWALT Diamond Blade. Although the blade requires more regular sharpening, which can be frustrating, the cutting performance is unparalleled. The blade is also highly durable so it will last much longer than most others. Plus, there’s no noticeable flex in the blade when cutting, which is great.

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