Best Angle Grinder Disc for Wood Carving

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Using your angle grinder for wood carving is a great way to improve your woodworking skill, but you need special discs for that. Wood carving discs come in many configurations, making them suitable for various woodworking applications.

In this review, we take a closer look at the capabilities and features of woodcarving discs that can be used with your electric angle grinder. This will make finding the perfect angle grinder disc easier to get the job done faster and better.

Read on and find out how this short list of best angle grinder discs for wood carving can make life a bit easier.

Comparison Chart

Best Angle Grinder Disc for Wood Carving Grinder Power Tool
OBA Wood Carving Disc Set
Best Angle Grinder Disc for Wood Carving Grinder Power Tool
Pomsare Upgraded 3PCS Wood Carving Disc Set
Best Angle Grinder Disc for Wood Carving Grinder Power Tool
YALUSO Angle Grinder Carving Disc
Best Angle Grinder Disc for Wood Carving Grinder Power Tool
Four-Piece Upgraded Wood Carving Disc Set from Neuermond
Best Angle Grinder Disc for Wood Carving Grinder Power Tool
Two-Piece Power Wood Carving Disc Set From Leimo Kparts 

Best Angle Grinder Disc for Wood Carving Reviews

Oba Wood Carving Disc Set

Best Angle Grinder Disc for Wood Carving Grinder Power Tool

This is an all-in-one set of disks to make it possible to complete all your wood shaping works with just one set of disks. This is a great set for both \beginners and those with experience using this type of tool for their woodworking projects at home.


The fact that you have up to four different types of angle grinder wood discs in the set makes it a versatile set of tools. You can easily use it for a wide range of woodworking applications and save time and money.

Effortlessly smooth rough surfaces with the flapper discs included in the set for a professional look and finish. Cutting, carving, and shaping will be so much easier with the right discs, and that is what you get with the chainsaw effect disc.

For those who need to do a lot of slotting, the three-bladed disc provides an easy option while adding engraving capability to your skill. With the sharp spikes of the polishing and carving disc, you can do all the flat grinding and curves with one single tool.

With improved efficiency, by using all these discs, you will be able to create very nice-looking finished projects every time. It also doesn’t matter what size angle grinder you have, as this set of discs is compatible with most sizes of electric grinders.

This is a great set for those who have some experience with a variety of DIY projects.

Learning to use the different configurations of disks in this set will take some time and effort, especially for beginners. You will first have to figure out the direction of movement while using it for carving and shaping the wood.

Using the chainsaw effect disc for removing a lot of wood at a time is a bit unsafe, and care needs to be taken. That is because this type of blade is quite sharp and needs a lot of safety precautions when using it for DIY purposes at home.


  • Many different types of disks in the set
  • Made with durable construction
  • High efficiency for all types of work
  • Compatible with varying sizes of angle grinders


  • A steep learning curve is needed to learn to use it
  • Some of the discs are unsafe to use by the inexperienced

Upgraded Three-Piece Wood Carving Set From Pomsare

Best Angle Grinder Disc for Wood Carving Grinder Power Tool

The upgraded version of these discs from Pomsare is great for saving you a lot of time on menial woodworking tasks. There is no need for sandpaper disks which will take a lot of time and energy from your side to get the job done.


With the three discs having different grades of roughness, you will be able to complete a wide range of woodworking applications without too much effort. You will be able to remove most rough surfaces from the wood and have a finishing effect for a nice look with all projects.

A detailed instruction manual for using this set of discs is included for ease of use and quick learning. This will make it much easier for even the beginners of DIY woodworking projects to have the best final results.

It will easily fit on a wide range of angle grinder sizes with the flange nut included with the set. This allows you to use these discs out of the box without delay, no matter what size of grinder you have at your disposal.

This set of three wood carving discs from Pomsare is ideal for flat and even convex shaping of your wood projects. For all carving and shaping jobs, these discs will help make the job a bit easier and safer.

You can’t go wrong choosing this set of discs for all those delicate and rough woodworking projects you are planning.

If you are looking for something that will remove large portions of wood, these discs are not suitable for that type of task. So, if you want to remove a stump or smooth off very rough surfaces, this is not meant for that.

All the discs in this wood carving set from Pomsare are quite rough and will not be suitable for very fine jobs. This means that you still need to get a smooth disc or sanding paper for the very smooth final touches of your projects.


  • They have very strong pointed teeth for grinding
  • You have much less vibration and kickback
  • Can be used for a wide range of applications
  • Great for professional-looking projects


  • Not suitable for most large wood-cutting jobs
  • You don’t have a very smooth disc for fine-polishing finishes

Seven-Piece Angle Grinder Disc Set from Yaluso

Best Angle Grinder Disc for Wood Carving Grinder Power Tool

If you are looking for a set of woodworking discs to complete every project, this one will take you the distance. It is a complete set of discs and accessories every woodworker, professional, and DIYer out there needs to make life a bit easier.


Most wood application jobs can be done quickly with this complete set of wood carving discs from Yaluso. With up to four flapper discs included with the set, you will not soon run out of discs to complete many different wood projects.

For an extensive project with a wide range of non-metal materials, this is the ideal option for carving. You can easily work with materials other than wood, such as plastic, and can even cut rubber with this set of discs.

This complete set is ideal for a wide range of woodworking applications without needing more discs. You can easily use this set for cutting, carving, slotting, and most other shaping and polishing jobs that need to be done.

All discs are made from top-quality materials to make them last just a bit longer so you can finish all your jobs. Even leveling of rough spots will be much easier with the bevel carving disc to give you a nice flat surface.

This set is ideal for beginners who need to boost their confidence with much better results.

Even though it is quite a large set of blades, not all the blades used for wood carving are included in this set. You will find that the three-blade disc is not included for smooth woodworking applications for better finishing of your wood projects.

Some of the discs in this set are unsuitable for hardwood projects and might cause injury. The chainsaw effect blade might be a bit weak and might buckle, even when used on wood that is not that hard, like cedar.


  • Great for quick jobs that need to be done
  • It can be used for removing bark from a trunk
  • Can be used on a wide range of materials
  • This is quite a complete set of discs


  • This set misses the three-bladed disc
  • Not all the discs in the set are suitable for hardwood projects

Four-Piece Upgraded Wood Carving Disc Set from Neuermond

Best Angle Grinder Disc for Wood Carving Grinder Power Tool

Neuermond has upgraded their wood carving discs for angle grinders to improve the overall quality of your work for a much better outcome. This set will help the expert and those who just started to lower the learning curve while having more fun creating projects.


The strong and durable design and construction of these wood carving discs from Neuermond will last for many hours of woodworking. This also makes them ideal for the quick and easy removal of unwanted wood to complete your project in no time.

With the upgraded design of these wood carving discs, you now have a larger groove for easy fitting on more angle grinders. What this means is that the disc will now easily fit on most flange nuts to be far more adaptable with various grinder sizes.

You will find that the discs provided by Neuermond are versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications. This will make it easier for wood artists to use only this one set of discs to complete almost every job.

To make it easier for every woodworking DIYer out there, a universal grinder wrench comes included for quick and easy removal. It helps to save time and effort, which can be used to improve your creativity and provide better results every time.

Everything you need for your wood carving jobs is included in this set except the angle grinder.

These wood carving discs might not be the ideal choice for those woodworkers out there with the smaller 115mm angle grinders. After fitting them, there is very little space left for precision work on your wood projects, which is a bit of a bummer.

You also don’t get any flapper discs included with this set, which might not be that much of a problem. Even though these discs are cheap to come by, you need to take the time to complete your finer-looking DIY woodworking projects.


  • You have four different bevel discs included in the set
  • Very easy to remove extra wood
  • Easy to use and attach to the grinder
  • An extra grinder wrench is added to the set


  • Not ideal for use with the smallest angle grinder
  • No flapper discs are included with the set

Two-Piece Power Wood Carving Disc Set From Leimo Kparts 

Best Angle Grinder Disc for Wood Carving Grinder Power Tool

When it comes to quality and reliability for wood carving discs, look no further than these provided by Leimo Kparts. A lot of great craftsmanship is put into designing and manufacturing these angle grinder discs to improve job quality and user experience.


The arc teeth attached to these discs allow for more precision in shaping and carving the wood without too much effort. Use these two discs, which have respectively three and six blades, for a wide range of woodworking applications for great results.

With the six-tooth design, you can have a controlled and smooth grinding and polishing action to help maximize the overall performance. This will provide the expert and the beginner with a much more professional-looking finishing touch on all the projects they complete.

On the other hand, the three-tooth disc will help to remove only a little bit of a large amount of wood without much effort. It will also help to make it easier to control debris that falls in the cutting process for easy cleaning afterward.

You can easily use these wood carving discs on a wide range of wood types and other soft non-metal materials. If you need to do rapid planing and scaling of the wood, these discs allow you much better results for just that.

These discs are high-performing and ideal for busy DIYers who need something to keep up with difficult jobs.

There are several other types of discs missing in this set, with only the three and six-teeth variation of shaping grinder discs. If you need to use other types of discs for your jobs, they need to be bought separately at an extra cost.

Using these carving and shaping angle grinder discs for your wood projects might prove to be a bit more complicated. What this means is that there is a need to find the right angle for the best results when using them for carving and shaping jobs.


  • It has a strong and durable design
  • Made from high-quality steel to last longer
  • Much easier controlling of the shape work is achieved
  • Great for use with a variety of woodworking jobs


  • There are only two discs in the set
  • Must use in a certain way for the best results


The seven-piece Oba Wood carving set is our number one choice because it has every type of disc the woodworker needs. For those needing reliable wood carving discs that handle the punch and provide precision, the Leimo Karts two-disc set is our second choice.

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