Best Corded Angle Grinder – Complete Reviews With Comparisons 

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An angle grinder is a versatile tool ideal for various purposes on the job site, such as removing rust and burrs, grinding, or cutting through concrete. These machines can be corded or cordless, and each type has advantages. The main advantage of owning a good angle grinder is its ability to fit different types of discs that perform a variety of jobs. 

If you’re wondering which option is better, there are lots of benefits of getting a corded angle grinder, such as its capability of running for more extended periods leading to uninterrupted working sessions. The challenge, however, is that many corded angle grinders are available, and it can be tricky to find one that satisfies your personal demands. This article highlights five of the best corded angle grinders to optimize your performance and work quality. 

Comparison Chart

Best Corded Angle Grinder – Complete Reviews With Comparisons  Grinder Power Tool
BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder
Best Corded Angle Grinder – Complete Reviews With Comparisons  Grinder Power Tool
Milwaukee 2780-20 M18
Best Corded Angle Grinder – Complete Reviews With Comparisons  Grinder Power Tool
Avid Power Angle Grinder 
Best Corded Angle Grinder – Complete Reviews With Comparisons  Grinder Power Tool
PORTER-CABLE Angle Grinder
Best Corded Angle Grinder – Complete Reviews With Comparisons  Grinder Power Tool
DEWALT Angle Grinder

Best Corded Angle Grinder Reviews 

Black + Decker Corded Angle Grinder 

Best Corded Angle Grinder – Complete Reviews With Comparisons  Grinder Power Tool

Complete any job easily using this corded angle grinder that is well-made, easy to use, and versatile for different jobs. It is a must-have tool for any home garage or working station. You’ll love the black and orange finish, making it appealing and the perfect addition to any space. 


The corded angle grinder has a metal gear case that enhances its durability. This top-quality housing easily withstands harsh outdoor conditions, prolonging the machine’s life. Furthermore, the components are also rust-resistant. 

This angle grinder produces the power you need for many applications, such as cutting, grinding, and more, thanks to its three-position side handle. Its handle’s design promotes a stable and comfortable grip, while the spindle lock makes it easy to swap out accessories. The spindle lock makes changing the grinding or cutting disks easier, making the machine more versatile. There is also a one-touch release switch that makes it convenient to power the device down fast. 

One of its best features is its narrow body, which promotes a comfortable grip. This gives you more control over the machine and makes it effortless to operate on rough and solid materials. Its compact nature makes it easier to carry and store in your toolbox. 

The Black +Decker grinder has a 5/8 course thread that perfectly fits four or 4½-inch disks. This machine supports 110V/120V, and it is best to use a step-down transformer for other voltages. 

The only concern with this great product is it is not ideal for commercial use. This machine doesn’t effectively withstand a workshop’s huge power and performance demands. It is, however, the right choice for those looking to upgrade their home working space. 


  • Adjustable side handle for more control
  • Three handle placement options 
  • Versatile 
  • Easy to use and maintain 


  • It cannot effectively withstand huge workloads. 

Milwaukee Corded Angle Grinder 

Best Corded Angle Grinder – Complete Reviews With Comparisons  Grinder Power Tool

Unlike the Black + Decker Corded Angle Grinder, this machine is ideal for commercial use since it delivers more power with up to 2X more runtime and 10x longer motor life. It is the best choice if you’re looking for an angle grinder to take your work, skills, and experience to the next level. 


The Milwaukee Corded Angle Grinder consists of a POWERSTATE brushless motor that delivers maximum power, and a REDLINK PLUS technology complements the powerful engine. These two features combine to provide optimized performance. In addition, the featured technology offers overload protection through complete system communication between the machine, battery, and charger. 

The Milwaukee Corded Angle Grinder has the same metal housing as the ones available on the legendary high-performance corded grinders. This sturdy outer case protects the inside components from damage, enhancing their durability. 

A paddle-switch design makes it comfortable to operate the Milwaukee Corded Angle Grinder in various positions. You can conveniently remove the handle and place it in a position you feel is easier to use based on the task. 

Another great property of this grinder is that it is 100% tool free. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to make accessory changes without using tools. 

Note that the machine operates better on a REDLITHIUM XC5.0 battery pack that optimizes the machine’s performance allowing it to deliver 2x more runtime. This promotes a better ability to work on large loads for a prolonged period. The battery pack, however, is not included in the package. 

The only downside is that it has a relatively shorter handle than others; the handle is about 1.5″ shorter and lacks any shield. This increases the chances of the machine getting away since there is insufficient grip. Therefore, you’ll have to ensure you wear protective gear. Since the device provides more a powerful performance than others, you can choose to get creative and modify the guard to enjoy both comfortable and powerful grinding sessions. 


  • Delivers maximum power 
  • Overload protection 
  • Durable 
  • 100% tool-free and easy to use 


  • Its handle doesn’t generate the ideal grip.

Avid Power Angle Grinder 

Best Corded Angle Grinder – Complete Reviews With Comparisons  Grinder Power Tool

The Avid Power Angle Grinder is a top pick for professionals because of its powerful motor cuts, grinds, and sands more efficiently. The machine also features unique safety technology that ensures you get the job done safely, efficiently, and on time. It is a versatile tool that outshines the others when it comes to removing polish and rust. 


The Avid Power Angle Grinder is a powerful angle grinder with a 7.5 amp motor. This motor produces 900W maximum power output with a no-load speed of 11000RPM, making it a good option for demanding applications such as professional use. Note that the machine has a disc bore of 7/8”, a spindle thread of 5/8”-11, and supports a disk size of 4-1/2”. 

The machine features an integrated spindle lock for convenient operation. This lock promotes a more effortless and quicker abrasive wheel replacement. Furthermore, there is a two-position handle that enables better control and comfort while working on different areas and surfaces. 

The Avid Power Angle Grinder has an ergonomic design that makes it more portable. The machine is compact, slim, and lightweight, reducing fatigue during long sessions. Its small nature also allows you to store it with the other tools in your toolbox effortlessly. 

This machine guarantees your safety through the various safety features included. For instance, a protective cover on the grinder keeps away sparks and metal chips, preventing eye and other injuries. A safety trigger also allows you to operate the machine with one hand efficiently. 

As much as the Avid Power Angle Grinder is lightweight and produces powerful performances, it is advisable to rest after about 30 minutes of continuous operation. This allows the heat dissipation feature to cool down the motor to prevent overload. 

All these features work together to create a versatile tool perfect for metal cutting, rust cleaning, tile cutting, wood cutting, metal grinding, wood grinding, and many other applications. 

The only drawback of this powerful grinding tool is its ON/OFF switch, which is made for right-handed operators. Apart from the switch not being the best placement for left-handed people, the button tends to hang after a couple of uses. You’ll find that switching to the alternative option takes time and effort, which can be frustrating to some. 


  • Powerful motor 
  • Lightweight and compact 
  • Durable and Safe protection 
  • Fast heat dissipation 


  • There are issues with the ON/OFF switch. 

Porter-Cable Angle Grinder 

Best Corded Angle Grinder – Complete Reviews With Comparisons  Grinder Power Tool

If you’re looking for a machine that delivers reliability and top-performance, then the Porter-Cable Angle Grinder is your product. The device is high-powered and works at higher speeds making it more time-saving. You’ll find various safety features that work well in grinding and polishing steel, metal, wood, and other surfaces. 


The Porter-Cable Angle Grinder is the number one choice for many professionals because of its ability to power up to 11,000 rpm. This is made possible by the durable 7.5 amp motor that allows the grinder to power through tasks easily. The good news is that this powerful motor required no batteries inserted to perform optimally. 

This tool consists of a cast metal housing that helps to enhance its longevity. The casing improves job site durability and makes it possible to use the device in unfavorable working conditions during emergencies. 

One of the available safety features is the non-locking paddle switch that provides better command and protection. A spindle locking feature also allows the user to operate the machine efficiently. You’ll also find a paddle switch that turns itself on and off in case of the machine drops, preventing injuries.

The unique property of the Porter-Cable Angle Grinder is its lightweight nature. This machine weighs about 4.1 pounds enhancing its portability and making it easier to carry. There is also a triple position handle that you can adjust to generate better and greater grinder control. Furthermore, there are adjustable tool-less guards available. 

Apart from its unmatched performances, the Porter-Cable Angle Grinder is a tool that prioritizes your comfort. It has a soft grip handle on the palm and generates an enhanced grip, giving you more control over the work. 

If you’re still undecided on getting the Porter-Cable Angle Grinder for your workshop, a three-year limited warranty program covers factory and other functional defects. There is also a 90-day money-back offer for unsatisfied customers. 

However, one of the disadvantages of getting the Porter-Cable Angle Grinder is that the flat discs may not fit properly. The provided space is limited, and this causes the discs to touch the metal guard. 


  • Powerful motor 
  • Better grip and ease of use 
  • Adjustable handles 
  • Greater portability 


  • The flat discs may not correctly fit. 

DEWALT Angle Grinder

Best Corded Angle Grinder – Complete Reviews With Comparisons  Grinder Power Tool

Here is a new and improved angle grinder from DEWALT that offers more than powerful cutting and grinding performances. The DEWALT Angle Grinder contains special features and technology that make it easy to operate and maintain. This tool comes with the DEWALT signature yellow and black finish that makes it appealing and blends well with other similar devices. 


The DEWALT Angle Grinder consists of a 7 amp AC/DC motor that powers up to 12,000 rpm. The machine’s high speeds and top performance enhance faster material removal while preventing overload. These properties make the tool the perfect option for concrete repair contractors, mechanical contractors, grinding welds, and many other professional uses.  

This angle grinder features a One-Touch Guard that eliminates the need to use a tool when adjusting the guard location. It is essential to note that the DEWALT Angle Grinder has a 5/8” spindle thread and accommodates a wide range of 4-1/2” cutting and grinding discs. 

This angle grinder has a low-profile design that allows you to carry and work in tight spaces effortlessly. It consists of a solid housing that protects the inside components by effectively sealing all joints and areas. The jam-pot gear case also increases its durability. 

It is incredible how easy it is to replace the wheels and discs, thanks to the Quick-Change technology. This technology enhances tool-free disc removal without necessarily using a wrench. There is also a two-position side handle that provides increased control and comfort. Feel free to adjust the handles to choose the best working position. 

Another advantage of using the DEWALT Angle Grinder is its effective ON/OFF controls. It is possible to lock in the ON option and let it stay while in use and then it will go off when released. Using this feature, it becomes easier to take on long grinding and cutting sessions.

However, this is not the best option if you’re looking for a tool to help you grind or cut tree stumps and other wood surfaces. As much as the DEWALT Angle Grinder might get the job done, the results wouldn’t be as presentable as you wished. 


  • Faster material removal 
  • Higher overload protection 
  • Tool-free wheel removal 
  • Portable and increased comfort 


  • It is not the best option for wooden surfaces. 

Bottom Line 

If you’re having difficulty finding the right angle sander, try any of the options above. All these grinders provide exceptional performances and are versatile tools. Each grinder has advantages; if you want more power, choose the Porter-Cable Angle Grinder. For those looking to upgrade their home workshop, the Black + Decker Corded Angle Grinder is one to consider. 

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