Best 9 Inch Angle Grinder

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The right angle grinder can be the difference between a clean cut and an uneven cut. 9-inch angle grinders are great for metal works and construction sites because they can be used to cut, polish, and grind various materials. 

If you are planning to get a 9-inch angle grinder, the most important factors should be the disc size, speed, motor power, ergonomics, and ease of use. That said, we took the liberty of doing some research for you and narrowed our list to five of the best 9-inch angle grinders. 

Below, we are going to take a look at what each option has on offer and their pros and cons, so read on for product details and comparisons. 

Comparison Chart

Best 9 Inch Angle Grinder Grinder Power Tool
DEWALT Angle Grinder
Best 9 Inch Angle Grinder Grinder Power Tool
Makita GA9040S 9″ Angle Grinder
Best 9 Inch Angle Grinder Grinder Power Tool
Toolman Single Speed Angle Grinder
Best 9 Inch Angle Grinder Grinder Power Tool
PROMAKER Angle Grinder 9 inch
Best 9 Inch Angle Grinder Grinder Power Tool
Milwaukee 2785-20 M18 FUEL

Best 9-Inch Angle Grinder Reviews

DEWALT 9-Inch Angle Grinder

Best 9 Inch Angle Grinder Grinder Power Tool

The 9-inch DEWALT angle grinder is a powerful, robust device from the DeWALT brand. Its design serves you even in the most demanding applications during your various tasks. You can lock this angle grinder in two positions in order to enhance control and increase comfort while using it. By doing this, you also get a precise and clean finish. 

The DEWALT angle grinder features a spindle lock in its design, allowing you to easily and quickly replace the disc. The body of this angle grinder is made from tough plastic though it is equipped with a brush window that enables you to change the brush without having to dismantle the device.


This 9-inch angle grinder from DEWALT has several features that make it a worthy buy. This includes its dust ejection system that shields the grinder from abrasion damage, thus enhancing the device’s lifespan. 

Power is an elementary part of every angle grinder, and this unit packs a punch with its 4 HP motor. Moreover, the motor has an impressive 6500 RPM. You don’t have to worry about power overloads since overload protection shields the motor from overheating by shutting the unit off when it gets too hot. 

The grinder limits the start-up current with its soft start which also minimizes kickback, making it jerk-resistant. It also has a torque-limiting clutch that minimizes the utmost torque reaction conveyed to the operator in case the angle grinder’s disc jams.

The rear handle has a rubber grip that offers increased comfort as you operate the device. Its angle grinder also has an anti-vibration side handle to offer you greater comfort as you use it. In addition, the brush window and its quick adjustment feature make replacing the brush easy and convenient.

The grinder also features spindle locks that let you do wheel replacement much faster. Finally, its triple positional side handle enables you to optimize the position of the handle for the best comfort.


  • Convenient side handle (dual-positional)
  • Firm 9-inch guard
  • Windows for quick replacement of brush
  • Auto-shutdown of brushes when a change is necessary
  • Increased service life by the epoxy coating


  • The plastic parts are not very durable

The Makita GA9040S 

Best 9 Inch Angle Grinder Grinder Power Tool

This one will do if you want a product with smooth yet powerful performance. Makita designed this grinder with its users in mind and made it practical. It has many features, allowing users to explore their creativity and do much with this machine. 

The metal housing contributes to its long lifespan and increased protection. Overall, it is a solid piece of equipment capable of handling almost anything you throw at it. 

Makita is known for constantly improving its products in terms of quality and surpassing its competitors. All their products are high-quality and value-priced, and this unit meets all these standards. In addition, they are known for their reliability and rugged and durable looks.


The GA9040S grinder from Makita weighs around 11 pounds and has dimensions of 24.02 x 8.19 x 7.2 inches. It has a maximum rotational speed of 6000 RPM and a voltage of 120 volts. The power source is corded electric. The powerful motor of 15.0 AMP offers you 6000 RPM to hasten material removal. It can cut through stone and concrete, making it ideal for tough jobs. Both professional and DIY enthusiasts can make good use of this equipment. 

When using it, the Makita GA9040S has a slow start-up reaction, allowing for both long gear life and smooth start-ups. There is no kickback to this grinder, which makes it safe and relatively widespread. It also adds finesse to an already great product.

The grinder has a three-position vibration-absorbing handle to increase comfort. The grinder also allows for convenient adjustments courtesy of the toolless wheel guard. In addition, you can use this grinder in various orientations thanks to the rotatable back handle, which increases comfort and offers enhanced safety and greater control. One thing to know, however, when using this tool is that sometimes the handle and guard might come loose. The swivel might also be rigid or stiff when you first purchase it, but as you keep using it, it will ease off. 


  • No kickbacks
  • Vibration-absorbing handle
  • It can be used in different orientations
  • Long-lifespan due to its durability
  • Comfortable use courtesy of the rotatable back handle


  • Guard and handle might come loose

Toolman DB5018 Angle Grinder 

Best 9 Inch Angle Grinder Grinder Power Tool

Toolman has been known for its high-quality and efficient products for over 20 years, and this product is no different. In addition, their products are affordable yet offer great value for money. 

This grinder from Toolman comes with double insulation protection to prevent accidents. In addition, it is ETL security certified. The Toolman grinder is functional when dealing with silicon carbide, metal, and aluminum oxide. However, one of the highlight features that makes this grinder popular is its modalities feature. Both left-handed and right-handed individuals can make use of this equipment.


The Toolman grinder has a voltage of 120 volts and a maximum rotational speed of 6000 RPM. It weighs around 12.57 pounds and has package dimensions of 22.2 x 6.9 x 5.8 inches. From the design, you can tell that the manufacturers did their best to make this tool convenient and, at the same time, not compromise on the value. 

Whether it is efficient shaping, quick stock removal, or even cutting or grinding metal, this grinder from Toolman will get the job done. It features a rugged amp motor with 11,500 RPM; this 9-inch angle grinder also has an aluminum gear case, meaning it can handle the most rigorous projects you throw.

The motor has higher overload protection; it is both powerful and reliable. In addition, you can use it in different positions as it comes with an adjustable guard that allows for 360-degree rotation.

It is durable equipment and the low weight is courtesy of the aluminum alloy. It is relatively comfortable to use as it is designed to prevent shock and is anti-slip. For operation convenience, you have to push the button spindle lock and you are good to go. There is also low vibration thanks to the ventilation system used. In addition, it also increases precision and stability when using it. 

Depending on what you would like to use it for, you can vary the speeds to operate it. However, one downside, mainly when you do this, is that the machine can get hot when used for long periods. It also happens when you use it on heavy loads.


  • Offers double insulation protection
  • Reduced vibration makes it stand out
  • Durable equipment
  • Variable speed is convenient
  • Works for both left-handed and right-handed individuals


  • It may get hot when used for long periods

PROMAKER 9-Inch Angle Grinder

Best 9 Inch Angle Grinder Grinder Power Tool

The PROMAKER 9-inch angle grinder is a highly effective and durable tool that can help you accomplish a wide range of tasks. It’s easy to use and can easily handle various materials. This 9-inch grinder is perfect for any job due to its precision and power. Moreover, it comes with a one-year warranty so you can be confident in its quality. 


If you’re looking for an angle grinder that can handle just about anything, the PROMAKER 9-inch angle grinder is a great option. It’s powerful, precise, and easy to use, making it an excellent choice for any project. One of the most remarkable features of this grinder is that it gets the job done with minimal physical effort. Additionally, this heavy-duty tool is built to last, with a durable metal construction that can handle even the most challenging projects.

It features a soft start technology that helps you get started quickly and easily without worrying about sudden jerks or movements. Its adjustable angle, on the other hand, comes in handy when working. With a simple twist of the wrist, you can adjust the angle of the grinder to suit your needs. So whether you’re working on a horizontal or vertical surface, the PROMAKER 9-inch can be adjusted to provide the perfect angle.

The PROMAKER 9-inch also comes with a two-year warranty guaranteeing its quality and performance. The three-position side handle provides maximum comfort and control while in use. With minimal effort, the spindle lock button makes it easy to change the grinding disc. When you’re done, simply wipe the grinder with a damp cloth and it’ll be ready for your next project.

The design is sleek and modern, so it won’t look out of place in your garage or workshop. The motor is also quiet, so you won’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors while working. The only downside of this motor is that some people might find the grinder too big to work with. 


  • Powerful motor for fast and efficient grinding
  • Precision grinding with little effort
  • Adjustable angle for versatility
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use
  • 2-year warranty for quality assurance


  • Some users may find the 9-inch grinder too large

Milwaukee M18

Best 9 Inch Angle Grinder Grinder Power Tool

The Milwaukee M18 angle grinder has enough power for any grinding, surface preparation, or cutting job. This corded grinder delivers the power of a cordless grinder with up to 2X more run time and 60% less vibration, making it one of the most in-demand grinders. 


There are great features that come with this grinder. All of which makes it not only durable but also highly reliable. With its long-lasting motor and powerful battery, this corded angle grinder is perfect for various applications such as grinding metal, removing rust, and cutting concrete.

It features a brushless motor that delivers up to 6,600 RPM for fast and efficient grinding. The Milwaukee M18 also has a safety clutch that disengages the motor if the wheel binds, preventing kickback and therefore protecting the user. 

The grinder also has an electronic brake that stops the wheel in under two seconds, providing maximum safety. In addition, the tool-free guard adjuster allows you to quickly and easily adjust the guard without having to remove the wheel. 

The Milwaukee M18 comes with a two-year limited warranty. The only downside of this grinder is that it’s a bit on the expensive side. But its features and durable construction are definitely worth the price. 

It is also lightweight considering that it only weighs 10.5 pounds. With its eight-position pin handle, this grinder can easily adjust to suit your needs. In addition, the grinder’s small dimensions and low weight make it compact and easy to carry around. 

However, you should note that the grinder features plastic housing that is not as durable as other materials used to make grinders.


  • High speed allows fast grinding
  • It comes with a safety clutch that protects from kickbacks
  • The electronic brake stops the wheel quickly
  • Tool-free guard adjuster for easy adjustments
  • Easy to use 


  • Slightly expensive compared to other models


The DEWALT angle grinder is a great choice if you want a unit packed with extra convenience features. For those who may want products with an extended warranty, you can take advantage of the Promaker angle grinder’s two-year limited warranty and 30-day return guarantee.

Makita is an excellent choice in terms of durability due to its metallic outer casing. Toolman’s angle grinder, on the hand, is great for cutting and polishing metals, aluminum oxide, and silicon carbide. Finally, if you are looking for higher speeds, the Milwaukee 2785-20 M18 angle grinder has the highest RPM of 6,600. 

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